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Permanent Chastity The Complete Guide AQ21228

Permanent Chastity The Complete Guide AQ21228

1.Permanent Chastity , What You Need to Know Before Locking Up Your Lover

Permanent chastity, including permanent male chastity and permanent female chastity, are usually practiced by those enjoying a BDSM lifestyle. However, is this type of long-term chastity safe? And are there any steps you should follow when locked up for long periods of time? We are going to answer those questions and more so you know all that’s necessary before beginning chastity, long term.

In addition, we are going to bust some myths about female chastity and give you the reasons why permanent male chastity may cause health problems, according to the medical community. Conversely, we will talk about why the BDSM community and permanent chastity cage wearers dispute this. That way, you can draw your own conclusions and make the proper choice for you.

2.What is Permanent Chastity?

By definition, permanent chastity is locking up one’s genitals in order to prevent any sort of sexual satisfaction whatsoever. This can be done by the chastity wearer or by the wearer’s partner, Master or Mistress. The term permanent chastity refers to long-term chastity, or wearing a chastity cage or belt most all the time.

Although, the Master, Mistress or wearer can set rules allowing for unlocked time for sleeping, cleaning and some sexual encounters which may, or may not include orgasm. However, these are small windows of time followed by months and even years of being in chastity, long term.

3.About Permanent Male Chastity

Permanent male chastity is more commonly spoken of, in the BDSM community. And considering it’s more common than permanent female chastity, you can find much more information on the subject.

Permanent male chastity involves locking the penis and testicles in a cock cage, which can be plastic, steel or made from other materials. Furthermore, each cage features a slit or hole at the end that allows for the wearer to urinate. Otherwise, the cage restricts the ability to achieve an erection as well as any touching, sexual contact and ultimately, orgasm.

Finally, the chastity cage is locked into place, with the key being controlled by another person, usually a dominant partner or a Master or Mistress. However, there are models of electronically controlled chastity cages that can be controlled remotely and are considered safer and more comfortable, overall.

4.About Permanent Female Chastity

On the other hand, permanent female chastity isn’t spoken of as commonly as its male counterpart. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a common practice among dominant and submissive couples as well as those in a BDSM relationship.

Basically, permanent female chastity is the wearing of a female chastity belt. The belt prevents any penetration whatsoever as well as blocking the clitoris from any sexual stimulation. And as with permanent male chastity, the key is kept by either the dominant partner, Master or Mistress. Also, in some cases, female chastity belts are worn as a sign of fidelity to a partner.

Also, permanent female chastity can go on for months or years, depending on the wishes of the wearer, their partner or Dom. In addition, the chastity belt can, and should be removed, on some occasions. Although, this may not always be for sexual gratification.

5.Is Long-Term Chastity Safe?

Is long term chastity safe? In looking into the practice, you’ll find differing opinions, depending on whom you are asking. Therefore, we are going to show you the opinions of both sides, so you can come to your own conclusion. That way, we won’t yuck anyone’s yum or stand on either side of the controversy. We just want to give you the facts while keeping you safe, healthy and sexually gratified.

6.What Long-Term Chastity People Say

Those in the BDSM community, especially long-term chastity participants, say there are no health risks associated with permanent chastity. In fact, they refer to any medical opinions as myths and oftentimes write detailed blogs explaining why chastity, long term, is indeed safe. However, many of these same blogs will quote the medical details, which point to potential health problems, as an afterthought.

Yes, you will hear countless stories from those in permanent chastity for may years, stating they’ve not had any health problems whatsoever. But, for every 10 positive stories, there are likely 10 more with negative results. They are simply people who prefer not to talk about it. Either way, before deciding if permanent chastity is right for you, it’s best to know all of the facts.

7.What the Medical Community Says About Permanent Chastity

First, let me say that there are no legitimate, medical studies that have been done on the long-term effects of permanent chastity; whether that’s a permanent chastity cage or a chastity belt. However, urologists do have opinions on the practice.

8.Night-Time Erections and Penile Health

Nocturnal, spontaneous erections exist to increase blood flow to the penis while stretching the vascular and erectile tissue. What this does is keeps the penis healthy while preventing atrophy. You see, the penis is similar to any other tendon, ligament, or muscle in the body—use it or lose it. Therefore, not allowing this natural, bodily function may negatively affect penis health down the road.

Especially in the case of permanent male chastity or chastity, long term.

Then again, how many men will admit to shriveled, smaller penises that no longer achieve and maintain an erection because of self-induced, permanent chastity? It is definitely something to ponder.

But now that you have information from both sides, you can choose what you wish to believe and how you wish to proceed with long-term chastity.

9.How to Safely Practice Permanent Male and Female Chastity

Permanent male chastity can have positive benefits between a partner and the caged and between the slave and their Master or Mistress. Some of the benefits include increased sex drive, behavior modification and control. However, there are safety steps that must be followed for the health and safety of the person in long-term chastity.

10.Safe, Sane and Consensual

First and foremost, practice SSN or safe, sane and consensual play. Your must have a safe word established in the event that your long-term chastity goes wrong. For example, you may have pain, abrasions or something that needs urgent, medical attention. Then, you must contact the key holder with the safe word so you can be immediately unlocked.

In addition, some BDSM partners may allow an emergency key, hidden in reach of the wearer, with the location revealed in the case of an emergency.

Second, the person who is agreeing to permanent chastity must be in a healthy state of mind and sane enough to make this choice. Finally, and most importantly, consent is key. Not only should the person being locked up give consent, but they should also be given the option to stop the play immediately, at any time. As long as these rules are followed, you will have a safe, chastity experience.

11.Permanent Chastity Cages and Proper Fit

Agreeing to permanent male chastity, whether self-imposed or chosen by your Dom, means that you must find a cock cage that is comfortable enough to be worn daily. Now, this may take some trial and error on your part, but once you find the right fit and feel, you should be relatively comfortable around the clock.

Most importantly, you must have the correct fit, when choosing a cock cage. Therefore, you can read our blog on “How to Measure for a Chastity Cage” so you get the perfect and most comfortable fit. But considering that most cock cages come with several sizes of rings, as long as you get your cage size correct, you should have little difficulties down the road.

12.Cleaning the Penis and Cage

Cleaning your penis and your chastity cage regularly are paramount for your health, safety and comfort; not to mention those who may exposed to your foul stench when you don’t clean up. Additionally, if you are uncircumcised, smegma will build up under the foreskin. So, here are tips for keeping clean and healthy during long-term chastity.

When you shower, clean your chastity cage as best you can, using soap and a hand-held shower head. If you don’t have one, use a spray bottle. This should be done daily, to rinse out urine splash and sweat.
Use cotton swabs to reach through slits or holes in your cock cage.
Dry your cage and your penis thoroughly using a blow dryer set on low or cool.
AT LEAST once per week, your cage should be removed and cleaned thoroughly, along with your penis. Your Dom may oversee this, handcuff you during the process or hire a cleaning service to do it.
Be sure and keep your pubic hair trimmed or shaven to prevent the painful pulling and pinching.
If you are prone to dry skin, use this time to moisturize with a gentle, non-scented lotion.

13.Will Permanent Male Chastity Cause My Penis to Shrink?

The answer to this depends entirely on whom you ask. As mentioned above, those who are in permanent chastity claim to have had zero effects, even after years of being caged. But if you take a look at what urologists say – use it or lose it – it makes sense. Plus, given the fact that night time erections are beneficial to penis health, perhaps removing the cage at night can be a tradeoff.

Unfortunately, there have not been any medical studies on long-term chastity. Therefore, there aren’t any straight answers. One the one hand, you have doctors claiming they’ve not treated anyone with a smaller penis due to permanent chastity. On the other hand, how many men would have the courage to report such side effects?

In the end, I would suggest keeping on eye on your penis health. And if you begin to notice any changes in your penis, discontinue using the permanent chastity cage and consult a doctor.

14.Will Long Term Male Chastity Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Again, we find ourselves in that gray area where users say one thing and doctors say another. You see, if you listen to what the health professionals say, it makes sense that you can develop erectile dysfunction from lack of using your penis. But if you listen to those in long-term chastity, no one has ever had any problems, or they won’t admit to it.
Although I did run across someone on Reddit who admitted to shrinkage and erectile dysfunction.
So, it’s best to go slow, watch for any issues and report any problems to a doctor.

15.Time Out of Long-Term Chastity is Healthy

It’s unfortunate that some brilliant urologist somewhere hasn’t done a study on the effects of permanent male chastity. Because of this, we have to go on words from a handful of doctors who have commented on chastity, long-term, or simply follow what other long-term chastity cage wearers have to say.

That being said, having time out of chastity will only benefit your penis health as well as avoid any potential risks. In addition, it has been studied and proven that men who regularly ejaculate lower their chances of getting prostate cancer. Plus, orgasm helps with sleep, immunity, stress relief and lowers blood pressure and the chances of getting heart disease.

Therefore, it’s best for your overall health to have some time out of permanent chastity, not only to clean yourself and your cage, but to allow for nocturnal erections and occasional ejaculation. Plus, no matter what your personal reasons for long-term chastity, your health should always come first.

16.Permanent Female Chastity

Permanent female chastity isn’t as common as its male counterpart. Or at least it’s not as spoken of as freely. But there are women who enjoy long-term chastity either to prove fidelity to a partner or as an act of submission to their partner, Master or Mistress. But is long-term female chastity safe and healthy? Let’s take a look at how it can be done safely.

17.Are Chastity Belts for Women Safe?

Yes, overall chastity belts for women are safe. In comparison to the chastity cage for the penis, the chastity belt doesn’t suppress any natural, bodily functions the female body has. However, in order to have safe and comfortable permanent female chastity, you must be aware of a few things.

18.Chastity Belts: Finding the Right Size and Materials

If piercing isn’t your thing, knowing how to choose the right size and material of chastity belt is important. Especially so if you are considering permanent female chastity. First off, chastity belts come in all sorts of materials, from plastic and silicone to leather and metal. In addition, some chastity belts include penetrative devices such as dildos and butt plugs.

Therefore, depending on your own comfort level and how often you wear the belt, you’ll probably want to try a few types out before settling on your favorite. Then, you must know the proper way to measure yourself for a chastity belt.

Most importantly, steer clear of chastity belts made with TPE and leather, for long-term chastity as both materials are porous. As a result, the materials can hold dirt, germs and bacteria, creating a breeding ground for infection. In addition, these materials cannot be washed and sanitized properly.

19.Measuring for a Chastity Belt

Measuring for a chastity belt is paramount to your comfort, especially with long-term chastity. Therefore, getting the proper fit depends solely on the right measurements. That will include your waist, hips and your undercarriage from front to back. Lovense has a great guide to measuring for a chastity belt here. Or, check with your favorite BDSM retail site for measurement guides.

20.Female Chastity Belts and Cleanliness

Cleanliness is extremely important when deciding on permanent female chastity. That is why most female chastity belts feature strategically placed openings to facilitate using the bathroom as well as allow for menstrual flow and everyday vaginal discharge. Which, by the way, is our body’s way of keeping us clean. However, although these openings are great, it’s still crucial to practice good hygiene.

For instance, female chastity belt wearers should remove the device on a daily basis for bathing and cleaning of the labia, vulva, urethral area and bottom. In addition, the chastity belt should be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly, then dried before putting it back on. Depending on your situation, this can be done by a partner or Dom, or simply supervised by the like.

Furthermore, it’s highly recommended that the belt is removed during menstruation to allow for the free flow of blood and overall hygiene. But those who use a menstrual cup or tampons can wear their chastity belt with intermittent removal, throughout the day, for changing tampons or emptying the cup.

21.Will Long-Term Chastity Affect Feminine Health?

As with permanent male chastity, permanent female chastity is something that has not been studied by medical professionals. However, the general consensus seems to be that female chastity, long-term, is safe and causes no ill effects in the long run. But this relies solely on the wearer and her hygiene regimen. For example, the lack of proper cleanliness can lead to various, uncomfortable illnesses such as:

Urinary tract infections
Bacterial Vaginosis
Yeast Infection
Abrasions (which can get infected) from locks and ill-fitting belts
Therefore, it is paramount that cleanliness and regular unlocking is discussed up-front with your partner or Dom. In addition, key-holding rules should include an emergency plan for removal, as well as keeping tools readily available to facilitate urgent removal, of the chastity belt.

22.The Female and Male Chastity Dilemma

There are several benefits to permanent male chastity as well as permanent female chastity. Those include:

The exchange of power – in this case, submission
Orgasm and sex denial, teasing
Humiliation and torture
Aesthetic pleasure
Chastity games

Now, whether this kink is right for you, remains to be seen. But, as long as you practice the safety tips, insist on good hygiene and find the best-fitting chastity cage or chastity belt, long-term chastity should be an exciting and pleasurable experience for both you and your partner or Dom. So, discuss the rules upfront, start slow, stay clean and put your genital health first.Then, lock up and enjoy!

When purchasing for a male chastity cage, examine the company’s sizing manual earlier than creating a very last buy decision.I incredibly endorse looking a YouTube or different video of a similar-fashion cage

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