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How to Putting On An Inverted Chastity Cage Videos

How to Putting On An Inverted Chastity Cage Videos

Putting On an Inverted Chastity Cage: Step-by-Step Guide

Putting on an inverted chastity cage requires care and attention to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Here is a step-by-step guide based on the information from the search results:

  1. Relax and Prepare:
  • Ensure your penis is completely flaccid before starting the process[1][2].
  • Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your penis and the inside of the cage to ease the insertion process and reduce friction[1][2].
  1. Positioning the Cage:
  • Gently slide the cage over your penis, positioning the open end against your body[1].
  • For inverted chastity cages designed to fit over the scrotum, position it snugly around the base of the genitals while leaving the penis exposed[2].
  1. Securing the Cage:
  • Attach the locking mechanism or padlock to secure the cage in place, ensuring it is not too tight or uncomfortable[1].
  • Adjust the device as necessary to ensure it fits comfortably and securely without causing pain or discomfort[2].
  1. Communication and Aftercare:
  • Maintain open communication with your partner if using the device together, discussing expectations, boundaries, and desires before and during play[2].
  • After removing the cage, thoroughly clean your body and the device with soap and warm water. Apply a soothing, unscented lotion to promote healing and reduce irritation[1][2].
  1. Safety Tips:
  • Prioritize safety by ensuring both you and your partner consent to using the device and establish safe words for communication during play[1].
  • Practice good hygiene by cleaning the device before and after each use with soap and warm water to prevent irritation or infection[2].
  1. Choosing the Right Size:
  • Measure carefully to select the appropriate size for a comfortable fit that prevents discomfort or pain during wear[2].
  • Refer to manufacturer sizing guides to find the perfect fit based on your measurements[2].

By following these steps, practicing good hygiene, communicating effectively with your partner, and choosing the right size, you can safely and comfortably put on an inverted chastity cage for an enjoyable experience in chastity play.

how to choose the right size of inverted chastity cage

Choosing the Right Size of Inverted Chastity Cage

Selecting the correct size for an inverted chastity cage is crucial for comfort, security, and effectiveness. Here is a comprehensive guide based on the provided search results to help you choose the right size:

  1. Understanding Inverted Chastity Cages:
  • Inverted chastity cages differ significantly from traditional designs, focusing on internalized and discreet containment[1].
  • These cages require a unique approach to sizing, emphasizing depth and internal girth over external measurements[1].
  1. Measuring for an Inverted Chastity Cage:
  • Consider the Design: Familiarize yourself with the specific design of the inverted cage you are interested in to ensure accurate measurement[1].
  • Length Measurement: Focus on the depth required for comfortable containment rather than the length of the shaft as in traditional cages[1].
  • Girth Measurement: Pay attention to the size of the base ring, ensuring it fits comfortably and securely around the base of the genitals[1].
  • Comfort and Security Balance: Aim for a snug fit that is secure but not painful, balancing security with comfort[1].
  1. Tips for Choosing the Right Size:
  • Consult Manufacturer Guides: Always refer to sizing guides provided by manufacturers as sizes can vary between brands[1][2].
  • Consider Material Flexibility: Some materials offer more flexibility than others; factor this in when measuring. For example, silicone may offer more give than metal[2].
  • Adjust for Long-Term Wear: If planning on long-term wear, consider how your body changes throughout the day and measure at different times to ensure lasting comfort[2].
  1. Additional Considerations:
  • Ensure the base ring fits snugly but comfortably around your genitals for security and comfort[3].
  • Choose a size that prevents discomfort or pain without compromising blood flow or causing injury[4].
  • Double-check your measurements to confirm accuracy and select sizes that align closely with your measurements for a secure fit[5].

By following these guidelines, understanding the unique aspects of inverted chastity cages, carefully measuring based on design specifics, and considering material flexibility and long-term wear, you can confidently choose the right size for an inverted chastity cage that ensures both comfort and functionality.

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