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Cobra Chastity Cage Series

cobra chastity cage series
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • All cobra chastity cage are made from 3D-printed nylon. The material is a smooth, rigid, lightweight plastic.
  • The products are shower-safe, jacuzzi-safe, and compatible with water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubricants.
  • Clean with soap and warm water or isopropyl alcohol. Boiling is not recommended and may damage the material.
  • At SMTASTE, we believe in setting the record straight about chastity cages. Inescapable cages are the chastity holy grail—but a motivated penis is an unbeatable escape artist!
  • While it’s fun to fantasize, true inescapability is generally a myth. However, most people can find a size where they are snug, comfortable, and don’t slip out by accident. That’s what we consider a good fit for our products.
  • Note: Even if the penis can escape with enough effort, most people are able to find a size combination.So even if you can slip out the back, the device will still remain securely attached.
  • Yes. All Cobra base rings, Cobra cages, and shaft rings are compatible with each other.
  • No. All cobra chastity cage products use an advanced new post-processing technology, and they are smooth out of the box.
  • The lock opening is on the left side of the device because of the direction the key turns in the lock. If the opening were on the other side, the whole device would have to be larger and less discreet under clothes.
  • Also, a lock opening on the left makes it easier for all the right-handed keyholders out there.
  • We get this question a lot. While it is true that chastity fans often seek out smaller cages over time, this is mostly for the fun of being more snugly contained. We are not aware of any research showing that chastity devices cause lasting anatomical changes to the penis.
  • Black cobra products are colored with a skin-safe dye containing paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is widely used in hair dyes, beard dyes, and consumer clothing.
  • A small percent of people (in our experience, 0.1-1%) exhibit skin sensitivity. The sensitivity is usually noticeable quickly. If you experience a reaction, we suggest that you stop using the product right away, and symptoms should cease within a few days to a week.
  • Cobra products in colors other than black are hypoallergenic, and we are not aware of any reports of skin sensitivity.
  • Yes. All packages are shipped in plain cardboard boxes or bubble mailers. Contents are not visible. Shipping labels do not say anything about chastity, sex, or kink.
  • More shipping info and policies can be found here.
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