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How I Cleaned Chastity Cage (How to Cleaning Chastity Cage) AQ21205

Cleaned Chastity Cage

Get an empty spray bottle. Any hardware shop can have them for a greenback or do. Get a foot of 1/8” bendy rubber hose from an car components shop. Unscrew the spray tip off the spray bottle and match the rubber hose over the end. You can also additionally want to adjust the top of the spray head to get the hose to match. You must now be capable of squirt a flow of liquid via the hose with the spray bottle.

Mix one component family bleach with nine components water withinside the spray bottle and shake to mix. Run the rubber hose withinside the chastity cage from the again and squirt a pair pumps inside. With a touch exercise you’ll determine out a way to control the hose to get the answer all round Willie. Don’t make the answer any more potent that 10% or Willie will experience like he’s on fire. A 10% answer can also additionally create a totally moderate sting on touchy skin, extra like a tickle really. You also can squirt a few answer withinside the pee hollow withinside the the front however don’t squirt actual hard. If the answer squirts withinside the urethra, even the 10% answer will mild up Willie. Getting the answer on your urethra or the burning from a more potent answer aren’t damaging, simply uncomfortable. The burning is going away after some minutes. Mind you, 20% is the most powerful answer I’ve for my part tested.

Do this withinside the bathe! The bleach answer is powerful sufficient to position bleach stains on something it touches. Rinse the outdoor of the cage properly and dry absolutely or you’ll have a bleach stain at the crotch of your trousers. The bleach answer will kill any and all fungus and micro organism withinside the cage. Fungus and micro organism purpose the scent that develops with prolonged put on of the tool. You can deal with the cage every day whilst you bathe despite the fact that each few days might be regularly sufficient to maintain the odors at bay.

The bleach answer does a fantastic task with a chrome steel chastity cage. I’ve in no way attempted it with a plastic or silicon cage. I’m quite certain it’d paintings properly on silicon. I’m now no longer certain approximately plastic.

Treating with this tool makes cleansing a snap with out doing away with the cage. With a touch exercise, it provides simplest one minute for your bathe routine.

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