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Chastity Devices Common Terms and Abbreviations AQ21206

Chastity Devices Common Terms and Abbreviations

Chastity Devices Common Terms and Abbreviations,Many individuals come upon phrases and abreviations they’re unfamilar with on this store. Hopefully this may assist them.
If you’ve got got some thing which you have a query approximately publish it right here and with a bit of luck a person might be capable of provide an explanation for it. When it’s been defined it will likely be delivered to the extra everlasting list. This will supply a walking remark on how an evidence got here approximately.
The motives might be quick and generic. The most effective goal is to enlighten you, now no longer move in-depth.


BDSM – Bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism.
CB – Chastity belt.
CB2K – Short for CB-2000.
CB3K – Short for CB-3000.
CB6K – Short for CB-6000.
CB6Ks – Short for CB-6000s
CBxxxx – A usual connection with any A.L. Miller Enterprises product.
CFNM – Clothed Female Naked Male
D/S – Dominant/Subservient
FLM – Female led marriage.
FLR – Female led relationship.
JB – Short for Jail Bird.
KG – German abbreviation for chastity belt.
KH or K/H – Key holder.
KSD – Keep Safe Device. A pull-out prevention tool for CB-6000, bought with the aid of using Kept For Her.
LFA – Loving woman authority.
MC – Male chastity.
MM – Short for Mature Metal.
PA – Prince Albert piercing.
PIV or P/VI – Penis vaginal intercourse.
POT – Post orgasm torture.
PT – Short for Pet Trap
RO – Ruined orgasm.
T&D – Tease and denial.
VAT or EU VAT – Value Added Tax or European Union Value Added Tax
WLM – Wife led marriage.
WLR – Wife led relationship.


Converter – inch-to-mm & mm-to-inch https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/length/inch-to-mm.html
Chastity Mansion – A discussion board just like this one. Members there have a tendency extra in the direction of dialogue of sissification and feminization.
Chick-fil-A – From Dan Savage. He states, “It’s an apparent synonym for pegging.”
Creampie – Orally cleansing a vagina of sperm after a male’s orgasm.
Cuckold – A submissive guy with a girl who takes on alpha-male lovers. The wife’s sexual pleasures grow to be the husband’s vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.
Cum – Cum has some definitions… it could be a person’s semen, a woman’s vaginal liquids, or an orgasm.
Figging – A peeled ginger root, fashioned like a narrow butt plug, inserted into the anus with out lubrication of any kind. The ginger juices motive ache and excessive horniness.
Frenulum, or Frenum – The ridge on the bottom of the penis that connects the shaft to the head.
Frenulum piercing – A piercing below the shaft, withinside the stretchy region that attaches the foreskin to the penis head.
Guiche – Pierces the bottom of the scrotum, among the legs and close to the anus.
Pegging – Female the usage of a dildo for anal intercourse with a male.
Post orgasm torture – After orgasm, the ongoing stimulation of the penis. The head region is cited for this.
Ruined orgasm – At the factor of ejaculation everyday stimulation is stopped.
Santorum – The frothy blend of lube and fecal count this is from time to time the byproduct of anal intercourse.
Sissy – Often submissive in nature, a person will need to put on girl’s clothes, makeup and act effeminate. For extra statistics see Chastity Mansion.
Tease & Denial – Teasing may be verbal or physical. Denial isn’t always permitting an orgasm to occur.
VAT or EU VAT – A intake tax machine not unusualplace to international locations withinside the European Union region.

Chastity Devices Common Terms and Abbreviations

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