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Cellmate Chastity Cage Review All You Need to Know A21223

Cellmate Chastity Cage Review All You Need to Know AQ21223

When we observed the Cellmate chastity cage marketed on social media a month in the past it manifestly perked our interest. Although it changed into launched via way of means of Qiui over a 12 months in the past we’d by no means heard of it or visible it everywhere earlier than. The tool is app managed, this means that that the locking mechanism is managed thru a telecellsmartphone app. This tool is a ability sport changer and one as a way to extremely gain everybody in an extended distance chastity keyholder dating. We recognize many on line dommes provide an extended distance keyholder provider and a number of you would possibly have a keyholder both in a unique a part of your united states of america or in a unique united states of america altogether. This package could be ideal for you.

I mentioned the blessings and ability pit-falls of the generation on provide. Does it absolutely work? Is the app strong and plays the assignment it claims to? Is the cage cushty to put on and to be had in sizes that our clients could need? Could the generation be abused if it’s withinside the incorrect arms? We’ll solution this and plenty of extra questions underneath.

The preferred length Cellmate chastity cage does match slave D, however earlier than checking the consolation and match we desired to test that the app plays efficiently and safely.

Before we promote any chastity cage to our clients we take a look at them in my opinion ourselves. I will upload that it’s now no longer constantly viable for us to try this. For example, if a cage is simply too small for slave D and may not match then we’re now no longer commonly capin a position to check it. If a unique length is to be had withinside the equal version we’ll take a look at that instead.Right, let’s get into our evaluate.

1.First Impressions Cellmate Chastity Cage

The Cellmate chastity cage package arrived from our providers and we have been already pretty inspired as quickly as we opened the packaging field. The package is available in a clever field just like one you’d locate an iPhone in, aleven though it’s a piece larger. Upon commencing the field we determined the cage, 2 earrings and an guidance manual.

The cage is mild in weight, however it feels nicely made and the locking pin changed into already locked. In order to release it you want to check in for a loose account the usage of your telecellsmartphone wide variety or an e mail address. A connection to the Internet thru Wi-Fi in your telecellsmartphone is needed to try this and to pair the cage on your telecellsmartphone you’ll want Bluetooth became on.

The 2 earrings are crafted from robust zinc alloy and, even though they’re crafted from metallic, are nevertheless mild in weight.

With the cage and ring locked collectively the full weight of the ordinary sized package is 125g with the smallest ring (47mm) and 130g with the bigger ring (51mm).So some distance so good.

2.Cellmate Chastity Cage Does the app work?

In order to release and begin the usage of the Cellmate chastity cage you want to down load the Qiui app in your Apple iOS or Android tool from the App Store or Google Play shop. This took some seconds thru Wi-Fi and mounted with none trouble on our iPhone eleven telecellsmartphone with the maximum current iOS (model 13.three.1 on the time of writing this) mounted.

Once the app is mounted you want to open the app and check in for a loose account. You can check in with a telecellsmartphone wide variety or e mail address. We opted to apply an e mail address. A affirmation code is despatched to you thru e mail, which as soon as inputted into the app confirms your account. The e mail got here thru in seconds, so there’s no ready round to get that looked after quickly. You’ll then have an ID wide variety, that is used to become aware of your account in case your keyholder searches which will hyperlink your money owed.

At the time of checking out the cage we’re the usage of app model 1.1.57. It presently has three sections; Toys, Friends and Me. The Cellmate Chastity Cage, as soon as paired together along with your telecellsmartphone, is indexed beneathneath Toys. Your buddies listing will encompass your chastity keyholder (when you have one) and all your non-public records is saved withinside the Me phase.

In the app non-public records phase you may become aware of your consumer role. The cutting-edge alternatives are Dom, Sub, Sado, Maso and Versile (which we will handiest presume is supposed to mention versatile). You can upload a photo of your self, set a nickname to your account and encompass different non-public information along with your duration (we suspect this is supposed to mention peak however in case you need to encompass your penis duration there’s not anything preventing you) and weight.

Pairing the tool to a telecellsmartphone changed into exceedingly simple. Activate Bluetooth in your telecellsmartphone, press the button at the the front of the cage and upload the cage beneathneath the Toys phase of the app. Your telecellsmartphone have to be inside 10m of the cage while it’s paired to be activated, that is the most distance for maximum Bluetooth devices.

Our solution to the authentic query is sure, it does work.

3.How clean is it to authorise my keyholder manipulate of the lock?

We determined this method very clean. Once you’ve each (wearer and keyholder) registered your money owed you may ship a pal request from the wearer to the keyholder. You also can then request for them (the keyholder) to take manipulate of the lock at the cage.

Here’s the method for putting in a keyholder dating with some other consumer:
3.1Each of you want to create an account with the loose Qiui app, which may be downloaded at the App shop or Google Play shop.
3.2Click at the buddies phase of the app and look for your keyholder with their particular consumer ID, which may be determined withinside the Me phase of the app then clicking in your photo on the pinnacle. Once your keyholder accepts your touch request they’ll display up to your buddies listing.
3.3The subsequent step is to click on at the Toys phase of the app, click on in your cage from the listing then the settings button, which has a cog above it. Click on Transfer the Authority and validate the switch via way of means of clicking sure while prompted.
3.4Your keyholder is now permitted to manipulate the lock in your cage. The Cellmate Chastity Cage have to be paired together along with your telecellsmartphone thru bluetooth to simply accept any moves from the keyholders app.
Mistress K Cellmate chastity profile

4.What takes place if both myself or my keyholder loses our telephones?

Currently unknown. As quickly as we pay attention returned from the producer with a definitive solution we’ll replace this phase.

Our presumption (now no longer presently examined) is that in case you set up the app in your new telecellsmartphone and log into your account you’ll be capable of pair the cage with the brand new telecellsmartphone.

5.How lengthy does the battery remaining and what takes place if the battery dies withinside the cage?

According to the producer the battery will remaining round 8-10 months, aleven though I’m positive the quantity of time you operate the cage to fasten and release it’s going to have an effect on this. You can hold an eye fixed at the battery stage at the app.

One of the huge issues that we might have with a lock managed via way of means of a battery is what could occur if the batteries die or run out of charge? Well, the producer luckily idea approximately this additionally.

When the battery stage receives right all the way down to 15% the lock will robotically launch so you can update the battery.

6.Cellmate Chastity Can the battery be changed?

Yes, the battery may be changed via way of means of unscrewing the cylindrical phase on the returned and pinnacle of the cage. A small screwdriver might be required to try this.

If you want to update the battery you’ll want to look for a CR14200. It’s now no longer rechargeable, so while the battery runs out you’ll want to update it. Unscrew the 2 screws preserving the battery cowl in the back of the cage, get rid of the vintage battery and positioned the brand new one in. Put the screws returned in and you’re geared up to move again.

7.Can I ship a request to my keyholder to release the cage?

Yes you may. You can manifestly try this at once with them thru a telecellsmartphone call, textual content or Whatsapp message or in individual. As the assigned cage wearer you furthermore mght have the choice to request that the cage lock is unlocked thru the “Request release” button at the app, which may be determined thru the Toys phase then clicking in your registered tool. The “Request release” button may be determined withinside the center of the display with a padlock symbol.

If the padlock icon states “Open” under it you’ll want to request that your keyholder eliminates your capacity to release the cage manually your self. They can try this via way of means of clicking on “Authorisation” at the equal web page and shifting the button subsequent on your call to the left. As the wearer, you’ll then want to shut and reopen the app for this selection to display.

8.If I use the timed self locking function can I release it earlier than the set time is up?

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE…No, you may’t. With the self locking timed function there’s presently no override alternative or manner of unlocking your self till the time is up or the battery reaches 15%. Please, please make sure whilst you set a duration of time and click on accept. You might be requested two times in case you’re positive you need to retain with the lock time. Be very positive which you need that quantity of time earlier than accepting.

9.Cellmate Chastity Cage How cushty is it?

Slave D has worn the cage for two days and determined it to be as cushty because the Holy Trainer he generally wears. The small hole among the cage and ring in which his testicles grasp down makes it extra stable, aleven though for a few humans the space is probably a touch too small.

The fabric the cage is crafted from is tremendous fine and has a pleasant finish. The metallic earrings also are cushty (heat them to your cupped arms earlier than setting it on so they’re now no longer too cold) and we endorse checking out the quality ring length for you earlier than you lock the cage on.

According to the producer the cage shouldn’t be worn for extra than 14 days. We constantly endorse casting off the cage as a minimum two times every week for an intensive cleansing, so in case you intend to apply the self locking timer alternative please take this into consideration.

10.It appears cumbersome. Does it take a seat down flat beneathneath clothing?

Slave D wore the cage out of the residence beneathneath a couple of denims and didn’t locate it to be anymore cumbersome than the Holy Trainer I generally lock him in. He wore the ordinary length and generally wears the same old length Holy Trainer v3. The lengthy length Cellmate is an additional 2cm in duration, so this is probably extra apparent while worn beneathneath clothing.

Is it inescapable?
Here’s the deal. We’re very sensible in relation to this inevitable query with regards to chastity devices. If you strive difficult sufficient any chastity tool may be escaped from.

The actual query is how stable is it and the way difficult wouldn’t it not be to get rid of? Our solution may be very. We’ve attempted many ball lure cages and this one is up there with the quality of them. The small hole among the cage and earrings will probably be an trouble for a few humans consolation wise, however for others it’s going to provide the last in security. Unless you’ve got got extraordinarily small testicles the danger of you pulling out of this chastity package may be very narrow at quality.

Your incapability to break out additionally is based on you choosing a small however cushty returned ring. Going for a hoop length that’s too huge will have enough money you a far larger possibility to break out, so select your ring length wisely.

11.Is it water-proof? Can I wash it withinside the bathe?

The Cellmate chastity package is IPX7 rated, so it’s water-proof as much as a intensity of 1m in water as much as 30 minutes. It’s secure to bathe whilst sporting it to easy your self, which we endorse which you do daily.

12.Are there any downsides that you may see with the Cellmate cage or app?

The cutting-edge loss of override alternative at the self timed lock is a concern. If you want to get rid of it in an emergency you may’t. It could be extra practical to set small quantities of time to release your self for cleansing and for emergencies.

The different excellent trouble we see isn’t honestly with the cage or the app, it’s with the people the usage of them. If you surrender manipulate over the lock to a keyholder which you don’t recognize or some thing which could abuse the system (blackmail the wearer with economic needs to release it for example) you may have problems. What takes place if the keyholder has an emergency scenario that they want to cope with and that they can’t release it? Or both of you don’t have net get admission to in your telephones to set up the relationship to release the cage.

We could endorse doing all your due diligence with everybody you input right into a expert dating with. Look for stable references or clean proof that the individual you’re handing manipulate over to is legitimate.

13.Conclusion from Slave D (wearer)

Mistress K and I have been extraordinarily excited while we learnt that the Cellmate chastity tool changed into to be had and right away bought a few stock. We’ve examined the cage and app for every week or so in overall and we’re absolutely inspired.

The Cellmate Chastity Cage is cushty to put on, very light-weight however sturdy and could remaining for a whilst. The ordinary length suits nicely, aleven though a smaller cage could be ideal. Currently this isn’t to be had, however we’re going to suggest the producers that this will be very popular. The earrings are cushty and take a seat down nicely in opposition to my body.

The app is manifestly the issue that peaked our interest. It’s now no longer ideal via way of means of any means, however the generation works. Before locking the cage to Her cock we very well examined the app and locking facility. Let’s be honest, you absolutely don’t need to slip the lock close earlier than understanding it can (at a few point) be removed. We examined the app on our telephones withinside the equal room then from a distance (miles away in a unique city) and each instances it labored perfectly.

With some tweaks to the app that I’m positive will are available time that is a outstanding chastity tool as a way to probably alternate how keyholders manipulate their submissives. It’s specifically exciting for on line keyholders or for the ones of you obtainable which might be in lengthy distance relationships.

The handiest issue that I’ll pass over is seeing the important thing placing across the neck of Mistress K. We’ve mentioned the concept of having my Cellmate ID engraved on a key for Her to put on in order that the visible stimulation it drives isn’t lost.

Double thumbs up from me. I’m very glad with it up to now and could come returned to replace this evaluate while we’ve extra enjoy with the package.

14.Cellmate Chastity Cage The future

This manual is a piece in progress. We’ve had the Cellmate chastity cage for some weeks on the time of publishing this put up and I’m positive there’s nevertheless a lot to learn.

If there are any updates to the app that releases new functions we’ll come returned and upload extra statistics to this web page.

If you’ve bought a Cellmate chastity tool from us or some place else and would really like to provide any feedback, have questions or need to inform us approximately your enjoy up to now please do go away a message withinside the feedback field underneath. Also, in case you’d want to see any new functions introduced to the app, a unique length cage or ring, please upload a remark underneath and we’ll byskip at the statistics we acquire at once to the producers. Together we are hoping to make enhancements to this tool and positioned out a product that we will all enjoy.

Buy a Cellmate chastity cage here. If you ever want any assist placing it up please ship us a message on our touch web page and we will do all we will to assist.

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